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Too Cute Not To Share: Quokka Love?

Bicyclist Campbell Jones encountered this “wild” quokka (a member of the marsupial family) in Rottnest, Australia.  When he tried to take a selfie with the animal, it wouldn’t let him leave and seemed to insist on sharing some “quokka love”!


Photo Credit: Campbell Jones (via

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Heartbreaking Story of Dog Abandoned Twice By Owners Has A Happy Ending

Zuzu the dog became a viral sensation after she saw her owners at a shelter, but they were ready to get another pooch.

Photo Credit: CBS Interactive, Inc.

Zuzu, a German Shepherd, gained Internet fame when her sad story of being abandoned twice went viral.  After being surrendered to an animal shelter by her owners, she recognized them again as they returned later to adopt a new dog.  Although she must have been excited to be reunited with her family, her hopes were suddenly dashed when they left again–without her.

Zuzu’s story does have a happy ending, as she has since been adopted by a new family.

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Another “Awwwww…” Moment!

According to ABC News Australia, a kitten, stuck in a dumpster, was rescued by firefighters in Melbourne, Australia.  For the full story, please visit the link below.

Kitten stuck in dumpster

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB Media)


Filling The World With Kindness

In this wonderfully inspiring and touching video, a young man shares his good fortune with an ageless and beautiful woman.

What small things can you do to fill the world with kindness?  A smile?  A hug?  A laugh?

Share the beauty of yourself with the world!


A Remarkably Bright Future Indeed!

With young people like this inventive 13-year old at work, we have a remarkably bright future ahead.  This brilliant young man appears to have resolved the world’s energy problems with $15.00 worth of wire, some assorted hardware–and a coffee can!  Just think of the possibilities…

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The Beauty of Pollination

This photography and music of this brief video left me absolutely spellbound.  It captures the beauty of nature in a way that simply cannot be believed!  I had to watch it twice–and each time I noticed something new.  My favorite parts are the hummingbird spinning as he chases a bee (about 30 seconds in) and the bat carrying its young one as it feeds on cactus nectar.  Be sure to watch in HD if possible and do have your sound on to enjoy the wonderful music that accompanies the video!


A Heartwarming Story (Literally and Figuratively) !

Lazarus, The Miracle Kitten Photo Credit: ABC News/Branden Bingham

Lazarus, The Miracle Kitten
Photo Credit: ABC News/Branden Bingham

A Utah family saves a half-frozen kitten in the following video link: