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The Beauty of Pollination

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This photography and music of this brief video left me absolutely spellbound.  It captures the beauty of nature in a way that simply cannot be believed!  I had to watch it twice–and each time I noticed something new.  My favorite parts are the hummingbird spinning as he chases a bee (about 30 seconds in) and the bat carrying its young one as it feeds on cactus nectar.  Be sure to watch in HD if possible and do have your sound on to enjoy the wonderful music that accompanies the video!

One thought on “The Beauty of Pollination

  1. Reblogged this on Anything is Possible! and commented:
    Watching this is full screen was a natural high for me. My favorite part seeing the baby bat riding on its mama. The pollination process gets me marveling at the grand design of our planet. Enjoy, thanks to Brighter World Press.


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