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A Remarkably Bright Future Indeed!

With young people like this inventive 13-year old at work, we have a remarkably bright future ahead.  This brilliant young man appears to have resolved the world’s energy problems with $15.00 worth of wire, some assorted hardware–and a coffee can!  Just think of the possibilities…


Wildlife Crossings

Wildlife crossing. Photo courtesy of

Wildlife crossing.
Photo courtesy of

I never really thought too much about the issue, but when I saw an image about efforts to save wildlife along major roadways, I was thoroughly impressed with the effort!  It seems that wildlife crossings (or bridges) like this one have been constructed in many countries to provide wildlife with the means to cross busy roads safely.

This is just one of the highly creative ways that humanity is taking responsibility for its stewardship of our Earth and its fellow creatures–and I’m very glad to see it happening more and more frequently!

For more information, check out the following article:


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Hailey’s Harvest

Hailey in one of her tiny homes to be. Photo credit:  Hailey's Harvest

Hailey in one of her tiny homes to be.
Photo credit:
Hailey’s Harvest

This is an amazing story of a 9-year old girl who builds tiny, mobile “homes”, grows food, and organizes coat drives for the homeless population in Washington State.  With such philanthropic skills to demonstrate at such a young age, once can scarcely imagine the good she might do one day as an adult.  What an inspiration for us all!

Go, Hailey!

Here’s the article (courtesy of the Spirit Science website):

And here’s Hailey’s website for more information:


“One Stitch Closer”

This inspiring article and video celebrates the ingenuity and compassion of a young woman who is helping train and employ homeless people, all while producing a useful product to help meet the needs of those living on the street.

Veronica Scott, a brilliant young lady (at only 24 years of age) is both the founder and CEO of “The Empowerment Plan“–a non-profit organization that serves the homeless community in Detroit.  Ms. Scott is a wonderful example of someone who perceived a problem, designed a useful and humanitarian product to help others in need, then set out to help resolve one of the root challenges of homelessness (unemployment) while she was at it.

From the Collective Evolution website: